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Changes were made in the Ontario Legislature as of September 2007 allowing dental hygienists to work independently from the dentists. This gives dental hygienists the ability to expand their knowledge and professional expertise.

Here at Healthy Smiles Hygiene Care we aim to provide friendly and individualized care, and a comprehensive plan suited to each clients personalized needs. We also work in conjunction with several dentists in the area, and will make referrals when needed.



  • ​Cleaning and Scaling of Natural Teeth

  • ​Cleaning and Scaling of Dental Implants

  • Extra and Intra Oral Assessments of the mouth, head & neck

  • Oral hygiene care instructions

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Athletic Mouth Guards


5 Steps To Better Oral Health

Good oral health is the key to a happy and productive life.  All it takes is 5 easy steps:

1.      Brush your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste

2.      Floss between your teeth daily

3.      Rinse using an antiseptic mouthwash

4.      Make healthy food choices

5.      Choose to be tobacco free. Tobacco products can stain your teeth and increase your risk of developing oral cancer


Add a checkup every six months or as suggested by dental hygienists and, all combined, you’ll have a happy, healthy smile.

Current News:

Healthy Smiles Hygiene Care will be taking care of all you dental hygiene care needs from two new locations to serve you better. Our new locations are  2684 Lakeshore Rd, Bright's Grove and 387 Exmouth Street Sarnia. Stop in and book your next appointment with us.

Inquire about our professionally custom fit mouth guards for sports to reduce the risk of dental injuries, loss of teeth, and also to cushion from blows to the face or head to minimalize concussion!

They have the highest level for protection with the best comfort fit and minimal inconvenience when worn, which allows for maximum athletic performance.  Sports mouth guards should ideally be replaced every year. 

Don't fall behind in your fall cleaning, call to book an appointment

Those without benefits can sometimes find it a challenge financially to maintain their oral health, Pam's rates make it easier to receive hygiene care services!


Now offering in-office whitening treatment that provides instant results, as well as trays to take home.

Providing Teeth Cleaning  & Dental Hygienist Service To Sarnia, Brights Grove, Wyoming, Petrolia, Point Edward and The Lambton County Area Since 2009.  

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